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'I shall stand at the gates of Paradise until all my Spiritual Children have entered' - Padre Pio

During his lifetime, Padre Pio was Spiritual Director to many devotees who wished to be under his special guidance and protection. He called them his "Spiritual Children" and admonished them "not to rub his face in the dust".

Image of Saint Pio Since his death in 1968 the Friary in San Giovanni Rotondo has extended this privelage to all those who seek to live a life of grace and increased faith through his inspiration. You, too can become one of Padre Pio's Spiritual Children by giving your name and address to the National Centre for Padre Pio, Inc. Barto, PA who will forward your name for registration at his Friary. You will receive a card of confirmation that you have been accepted as a Spiritual Child of Padre Pio.

Padre Pio Spiritual Child Association Conditions:

  1. To live intensly a life of divine grace.
  2. To prove your faith with words and actions, living a true Christian life.
  3. To desire to remain under the protection of the Blessed Padre Pio, and to want to enjoy the fruits of his prayers and sufferings.
  4. To imitate the venerated Padre's virtue, particularly his love for Jesus Crucified, for the Most Blessed Sacrament, for the Madonna, for the Pope and for the entire Church.
  5. To be animated by a sincere spirit of charity towards all.

If you agree to the above conditions and wish to be enrolled in the Padre Pio Spiritual Child Association then please:

Download the Padre Pio Spiritual Child Association enrollment form

Your offering of $6.00 or more will be used to enroll you in the Padre Pio Perpetual Mass Association to be said at Padre Pio's tomb in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy. Padre Pio's Friary encourages this to always ensure the guidance and protection of Padre Pio while being accepted as one of his Spiritual Children.Please note: The Monastery in Italy requests devotees to make application in writing. You cannot enroll anyone other than yourself.

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