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National Centre for Padre Pio

111 Barto Rd, Barto, PA 19504 USA

Welcome to the Home of Padre Pio in the USA

"Humility and purity are the wings which carry us to God and make us almost divine."
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National Centre for Padre Pio

111 Barto Rd, Barto, PA 19504 USA

Welcome to the Home of Padre Pio in the USA

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National Centre for Padre Pio

111 Barto Rd, Barto, PA 19504 USA

Welcome to the Home of Padre Pio in the USA

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National Centre for Padre Pio

111 Barto Rd, Barto, PA 19504 USA

Welcome to the Home of Padre Pio in the USA

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San Giovanni News

Commemorating The 100th Anniversary of the Visible Stigmata of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina

Saturday, March 17 will mark the first pastoral visit of His Holiness, Pope Francis, to the region of Padre Pio’s Birth (May 25, 1887) and childhood in Pietrelcina and to the region where Padre Pio’s public mission to save souls was manifest until he left this earth to enter into Paradise (September 23, 1968) 50 years ago this year.
It is anticipated that the Pope will touch down on the plain of the Piana Romana, Pietrelcina, Diocese of Benevento by 8:00AM, where he will be received by the Most Reverend Felice Accrocca, Archbishop of Benevento and the Honorable Domenico Masone Mayor of Pietrelcina amid the cheering throngs of “Pietrelcinese” as all who are born in the small village and immediate surrounding area are endearingly known.
His Holiness will pray in the small Chapel of the Piana Romana and see therein the tree before which Padre Pio was praying shortly after his Ordination in 1910, when he first began to suffer the Passion of Our Lord. To all who know the life of the Holy Friar, Padre Pio prayed fervently that the visible signs of the wounds would disappear but the pain remain, thus Padre Pio was able to make his victimhood in complete anonymity save for his Spiritual Director, Father Superior and the local Parish Priest.
The local Capuchin Community will have the opportunity to greet His Holiness as well, and by 9:00AM Pope Francis will impart his apostolic Blessing and bid farewell to the Campania Region to make the short flight to the Puglia Region and his destination, San Giovanni Rotondo.
The Papal helicopter will set down in the sports filed in San Giovanni Rotondo, where preparations are underway to accommodate the crowd, estimated to be around 100,000 faithful. His Holiness will be received by the Most Reverend Michele Castoro, Archbishop of Manfredonia-Vieste-San Giovanni Rotondo and the Honorable Costanzo Cascavilla, Mayor of San Giovanni Rotondo, and be escorted to the Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza (the Home for the Relief of Suffering) which is the hospital desired, founded and inaugurated by Padre Pio.
Pope Francis will be escorted through the wards of the Hospital to the great delight of the staff and volunteers. Here, he will bless the sick and fulfill a specific desire to visit the Pediatric Oncology ward, where the children are awaiting the visit of the Vicar of Christ with joyful anticipation.
What makes this visit historic as well as Pastoral is the fact that the “Hospital”, the Opera di Padre Pio (the work of Padre Pio), belongs to the Holy Father! It was also 50 years ago this year, on July 31, 1968 to be exact, that Padre Pio entrusted the Hospital and the Prayer Groups - which had been forming since the Second World War at the insistence of Padre Pio and in response to a call from Pope Pius XII for prayer - to the administration and care of the Pope. Pope Paul the VI humbly accepted this precious gift and appointed the first administrator that very year.
The Hospital is now an enormous undertaking, serving not only the local citizens, but also the entire world. Although it operates following the same rules as set forth by the beloved Saint and treats every patient with the dignity inherent to every human being created by God, it is now one of the best known and widely respected ethical medical research facilities in Europe and shares its protocols throughout the world. The hospital has been researching every form of cancer, and is currently researching Parkinson’s disease and MS. Pope Francis himself has mandated the research of rare diseases that many times are ignored by major research facilities, because, unfortunately there is no profit to be made from them.
The prayer groups, now officially known as the Padre Pio Prayer Groups, continue stronger than ever and exist in almost every nation. They follow the same rules as when originally formed, with the laity requesting a Spiritual Director (either a Religious or Diocesan Priest), who obtains permission from the local Ordinary for the Prayer
Group; as they are official organs of the Catholic Church. Each nation has a National Coordinator, responsible for the Groups with whom they must register. Here in the United States the National Coordinator is Father Francis Sariego, O.F.M. Cap, located in Wilmington, Delaware. Father Francis can be contacted through the official website: www.pppg.org. When the Prayer Groups register with the National Coordinator, they are then listed on the website by State, and anyone who is learning about Padre Pio and wants to locate a Prayer Group to attend is able to easily find one closest to them on the website! The National Coordinator then registers all of the groups at the Headquarters of the Prayer Groups in San Giovanni Rotondo, which is located conveniently on the site of the Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza Hospital.
Following his visit to the Hospital, Pope Francis will offer a Concelebrated Mass on the Piazza in front of the Basilica San Pio. He will address the local Capuchin Community and the tens of thousands faithful, imparting to them his Apostolic Blessing to inaugurate this very special year for Saint Pio and all of his beloved Spiritual Children.
Fifty years ago this year, Saint Pio made the promise: “I will stand at the Gates of Paradise and will not enter until the last of my Spiritual Children have entered.” Let us continue to give thanks to God for the great gift of Saint Pio in our lives and to be counted among his Spiritual Children!
If you wish to see live coverage of this historic event, simply Google: teleradiopadrepio streaming – on the homepage, click on LIVE TV; just give the screen a few seconds to load. You will be able to view the entire visit of His Holiness Pope Francis, including the Holy Mass. Be sure to make allowance for the time change from your area.

100th Anniversary of the Arrival of Padre Pio in San Giovanni Rotondo July 28, 1916 - July 28, 2016

This year continues to see great blessings and celebrating in San Giovanni Rotondo!  

Earlier this year, in February, at the request of His Holiness Pope Francis, Saint Pio was brought from San Giovanni Rotondo to Rome, along with fellow Capuchin Saint Leopold Mandic, where these two Friars, modern day examples of God's great mercy, especially bestowed in the Sacrament of Confession, were present as His Holiness greeted tens of thousands of members of the Padre Pio Prayer Groups from all over the world, and on Ash Wednesday sent out more than 1,000 Missionaries of Mercy with special a mandate to preach and confess.   After his visit to Rome, Saint Pio traveled south to his birthplace of Pietrelcina, where on February 11 he was welcomed with great joy, after having departed from there 100 years before, not to physically return during his earthly life.  After stopping in Foggia, at the Friary of Saint Ann and then spending a night in his greatest charitable work, La Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza, the hospital, the Home for the Relief of Suffering, Saint Pio's remains were returned to their resting place in the Lower Church of the great Basilica which bears his name.

Every summer, there is the local celebration, in June, in honor of Saint John the Baptist, for whom the town of San Giovanni Rotondo is named.  The three day "Festa" brings out the entire town and is also enjoyed by the pilgrims who happen to be visiting at the time.

We remember our very first Festa di San Giovanni, in 1970!  All of the family, six excited Calandra children and our parents along with friends from our hometown of Norristown, Pennsylvania, participated every evening.  We visited the centuries old Church of Saint John the Baptist in the town's historic center, lining up with thousands of the local towns folk to enter the Church, festooned with fresh flowers and votive lights.  Once inside, we became part of the natural flow of people.  Candles were placed into our hands, each with its own little wax-paper cup intended to shield the wind, and we moved along and became a part of the procession throughout the town.  Following the statues and the Priests; the Civil Dignitaries and a large contingent of Friars; following the San Giovanni Rotondo brass band, we melded with the faithful our candles lit, watching as our wax-paper cups burned to a char and fascinated by the devoutly sung hymns as we walked along immersed in the crowd, wandering amongst the people, but always within watchful sight of our beloved parents.

The next night, Mom and Dad walked us to the "Luna Park" carnival rides, past the vendors with the "bambole" (dolls) and "giocattoli" (toys of all sorts) displayed to attract immediate attention from all of the children!  You could hear the "Mom can we have one, puleeeeeeeeeze" coming from the mouths of the all of the kids and regardless of which language, the begging and the sharp "No!" was universally understood!  We were attracted also by the food vendors with candied almonds and cheeses and all of the traditional festival foods but what we really waited for was the very last night.  All of us gathered on the terrace of our little "pensione" which were simply rooms in the original Casa San Giuseppe, the Convent of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, which was located at that time, down one of the side streets off of the main Via Cappuccini.

Along with Madre Vincenza, Suor Bernadetta and Suor Cesida we waited until dark, for the most brilliant fireworks display we had ever seen...actually the first fireworks display for most of us!  We could feel the explosions reverberating inside us, as the loud noise caused us to bury our heads in Mom's lap or on Dad's shoulder on even in the laps of the dear Sisters who were like second mothers to us.  Memories of these years are etched forever in our minds and hearts and now as adults we do our best to share with our children to maintain the tradition.  We took our children to the "Festa di San Giovanni" in June of 2009 which coincided with the visit of Pope Benedict.  Thankfully, not much has changed except maybe for the styles of dress...we in the 1970's wore dresses every evening and my brother his "Sunday pants" and our children in 2009, jeans and tees, but the memories...unforgettable!

No sooner will San Giovanni Rotondo recover from the Festa in June that there will be another in July!  The 100th Anniversary of the arrival to the remote village of San Giovanni Rotondo, of the town's "best known citizen": Padre Pio!

Padre Pio's Superiors thought that a short stay in the Friary of Our Lady of Grace, breathing the fresh air atop Mount Gargano, would bode well for the health of the poor Friar before returning him once again to the Friary of St. Ann in Foggia where he had been assigned.  So packed in a small donkey drawn cart, Padre Pio arrived in San Giovanni Rotondo, July 28, 1916 for a brief stay.  

However, Our Lord had different designs on Padre Pio...it was from here that the co-salvific mission of Padre Pio was to become public and it was here, in the Our Lady of Grace Friary Chapel, that Our Blessed Lord came to open upon his body the visible wounds which would become Padre Pio's greatest humiliation and at the same time his "precious jewels"...

To be continued....stay tuned!


It was in the remote mountaintop village of San Giovanni Rotondo, that for over 52 years, Padre Pio would live in total obedience to the will of Almighty God, to the will of his Superiors and in humble obedience to the authority of Holy Mother Church, until his death early in the morning of September 23, 1968.

Countless souls, both living and deceased (the souls from Purgatory) visited that village, seeking consolation from the prayers that Padre Pio always so generously offered even to the extent of taking their suffering upon himself.

His great love for the souls entrusted to him was the impetus for the founding of the internationally renowned hospital, La Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza.  Early in his mission, when surrounded by the sick who came to him, he never closed his eyes to them, nor did he counsel against going to doctors, because they were a great necessity!  He insisted that the sick be cared for.  

Having been sent to a world in turmoil and transition during the 20th Century was no mistake; Padre Pio is a constant:  a constant reminder that science, as wonderful as it is, cannot explain everything (note the open wounds on the body of Padre Pio, bleeding a cup of blood everyday for 50 years and having been examined by scientists countless times, no explanation possible).  

It was during the 20th Century that the world began its transition towards the devaluation of human life, taking away the dignity of the unborn and the elderly, fighting for abortion on demand and euthanasia.  However, the Hospital of Padre Pio, which is much more than a hospital but also a world-class research facility, where diseases are being studied and ethically treated and those results going throughout the world to bring relief to the suffering far and wide.

The work of Padre Pio and his mission is more important than ever in these days. This article doesn't even begin to touch upon all that this great Saint achieved in his lifetime and what he continues to do for all who call upon him to this day!  Padre Pio's own words before he left this world was a testimony to his continued presence and his legacy to devotees, "I will do more for you from Heaven than I could ever do on earth!" and his promise of great hope, "I will stand at the gates of Paradise and will not enter until the last of my Spiritual Children have entered".

No wonder there will be celebrating in San Giovanni Rotondo this July, to commemorate this great anniversary! The great legacy of Padre Pio is visible there and the great love and intercession of Padre Pio, is manifest everywhere!

Thank you, Dear Lord, for this great gift of Padre Pio in our lives!






Padre Pio's Hospital, the "Work" of St. Pio, Celebrating its 60th Anniversary on May 5th, 2016

For Padre Pio, the relief of physical suffering was just as important as the spiritual guidance of souls; two expressions of love of God and love of neighbor.

Thus on the evening of January 9, 1940, the desire of Padre Pio was to become a reality.  Meeting together were Miss Ida Seitz, Dr. Carlo Kisvarday and his wife, Mary; and Dr. Mario Sanvico and his wife, Maria Antonietta.  These were the first members of the committee for the founding of a hospital according to the wishes of Padre Pio.  The members were given positions as follows:  Founder of the Work:  Padre Pio of Pietrelcina; Secretary:  Dr Mario Sanvico; Technical Medical Director:  Dr. Guglielmo Sanguinetti; Director of Internal Organization:  Miss Ida Seitz.  First order of business agreed upon by all: anything that has to be done must first be put to Padre Pio and must have his approval.

Immediately after the meeting, the committee went to see Padre Pio and told him everything.  He responded approvingly with the words, "This evening my earthly Work has begun.  I bless you and all those that will contribute to the Work which will become bigger and ever more beautiful."  "I myself want to make the first offering."  And, from his pocket Padre Pio took a small gold coin that he received that very day from one of his faithful.

At the same time, responding to Pope Pius XII and his call for all Christians to unite in prayer, Padre Pio requested of his Spiritual Children, the formation of Prayer Groups in support of the Holy Father.

In 1966, Padre Pio gifted his Work along with the Prayer Groups to the Holy Father.  Through the Holy See, Pope Paul VI, officially appointed a General Director for the Prayer Groups and to oversee the administration of the Hospital in 1968; this official recognition by Pope Paul VI gave great comfort to Padre Pio during the final months of his life on earth.

Today, an official apostolic delegation of the Holy See, the Hospital of Padre Pio continues to follow the principles and intention of its Founder; not to achieve just any hospital, but a "Casa" a "Place of Prayer and Science" where "patients, doctors, and priests shall be a reserve of love and when it abounds in one, so it shall be passed to all."

As well as being a full service hospital, the Casa is a world class scientific research center.  Renowned for ethical catholic research principles, the Casa publishes on average approximately 180 scientific articles every year in a wide variety of prestigious scientific publications and journals internationally.  The areas of specialization are many, covering genetic and hereditary diseases in both adult illnesses and pediatric genetic research to name a few.  Patients from all over the world, even here in the United States have benefitted from the research being done at the Hospital of Padre Pio.

We hope and pray that you will join us in supporting the wonderful work being done at Padre Pio's Hospital: La Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza, known in English as the Home for the Relief of Suffering.

Contact us for more information, to learn about the great initiatives being undertaken.  Padre Pio once said, "I belong to the whole world", and through the Work of this great Saint, both the Hospital and the Prayer Groups which carry  his name, the entire world is benefitting.

What the Popes have said about the Padre Pio Prayer Groups entrusted to them:

"Among the many great things that Padre Pio did was the creation of this immense array, this great stream of people who assemble to pray and who, after his example and trusting in his spiritual assistance, devote themselves to the Christian life, bearing witness to communion in prayer, charity, poverty of spirit and in the power of their Christian Faith."  -  Pope Paul VI, 24 September 1975

"You who belong to the Prayer Groups intend to cooperate with the fulfillment of the Kingdom of God" and, "you place prayer as the foundation of your Christian life; the prayer of praise; the prayer of impartation; the prayer - as your statutes affirm incisively - with the Church, for the Church and in the Church.  This individual prayer becomes communal, expresses itself in the conscious and active participation of the liturgy; find its strength in the Sacraments, in particular in the Eucharist and Reconcilitaion; it becomes a need of communion and obedience to the Magisterium of the Church, to the Vicar of Christ, to the Bishops." - Pope St. John Paul II, 1 October, 1983

"Be...silent adorers of the Divine Mystery and apostles of His mercy.  Follow Padre Pio's example, imitate his unceasing search for intimacy with the Lord, as this is the only secret of the spiritual life." - Pope St. John Paul II, 29 September 1990

Pope Benedict XVI on October 14, 2006, described the Prayer Groups of Padre Pio as "That part" of the Saint's apostolate "that knocks continuously at God's heart, like an army of intercessors and restorers, to obtain those graces that are necessary for the Church and for the world."

The Blessing of a Lifetime

That is how the Italian news media is reporting the upcoming events planned from February 3 through February 10 in Rome, during this Extraordinary Holy Year of Mercy, involving the Reliquaries containing the remains of two remarkable Capuchin Franciscan Saints, St. Pio of Pietrelcina and St. Leopold Mandic.  And, the National Centre for Padre Pio and the members of our Prayer Group have been blessed to be invited to participate!

The remains of the two Saints will leave their Churches: St. Pio from San Giovanni Rotondo and St. Leopold from Padua and meet at the Basilica of St. Lorenzo al Verano where they will remain under the care of their confreres until February 4th when they will be transferred to the Jubilee Church of San Salvatore in Lauro.

The Centre's Group departs the USA on February 4 and will arrive in Rome on the following day, in time to participate in the historic Grand Procession.  After a Solemn Mass officiated by His Excellency, Most Reverend Michele Castoro, Archbishop of Manfredonia-Vieste-San Giovanni Rotondo, the procession will form wherein the Relics of the two Saints will be accompanied by the Faithful from the area around the Piazza Navona to Saint Peter's Basilica...the thoroughfares will be closed to motor traffic all those accompanying the Saints will pass...attendance is expected to be in the tens of thousands...And we will be there!  Look for us in the crowd, carrying our banner from the "Home of Padre Pio in the USA" Barto, PA!  Truly an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience...

The following day, our group will participate in the special audience with Pope Francis along with the Padre Pio Prayer Groups from around the world and the staff from the Hospital founded by Padre Pio, the Home for the Relief of Suffering. Following the audience, with the other Spiritual Children of Padre Pio, we pass through the Holy Doors in St. Peter's Basilica to obtain the indulgence...

Our group must leave Rome on Monday to continue our Pilgrimage.  On Ash Wednesday, when the Holy Father will send 1,000 Missionaries of Mercy throughout the world, giving them a special  mandate to preach and confess, our group will be attending solemn Mass, offered by our accompanying Chaplain from the Congregation of the Fathers of Mercy, in Auburn, KY, Father Thomas Sullivan, CPM, in the Grotto of St. Michael the Archangel, acclaimed as one of the holiest places on Earth, located high atop the Gargano Mountains, as we begin our Lent imploring the protection of the Holy Archangel upon ourselves and our loved ones.

Thursday the 11th we visit Pietrelcina and have our Mass at the Piana Romana where Padre Pio began to suffer the Passion of Christ shortly after his Priestly Ordination.  Later that afternoon, we welcome Padre Pio as he returns to his beloved birthplace, which he left precisely 100 years before!  He will spend several days in the Friary Church in Pietrelcina again in the care of his Capuchin Franciscan confreres before returning to San Giovanni Rotondo on the 14th of February.

Our Holy Father Pope Francis chose St. Pio of Pietrelcina and St. Leopold Mandic to be present in Rome during the particular events during this Extraordinary Holy Year of Mercy; both were renowned confessors and wise spiritual fathers who untiringly demonstrated God's Mercy not only in their daily lives of sacrifice, but in the countless hours they spent in the confessional where the Mercy of God is freely and bounteously dispensed to all humble and contrite souls!

We pray that you will join our Pilgrimage in spirit!  Go to your local designated Jubilee Church, pass through the Holy Doors and avail yourself of the indulgence...the requirements are simple: Confession and Mass with reception of Holy Communion and prayers for the intentions of the Supreme Pontiff, within several days of visiting the Jubilee Church.  Remember you may only obtain the indulgence once a day and the indulgence can be applied to yourself or a deceased soul.  Jesus we Trust in You!

Padre Pio News

Celebrating the Anniversary Year of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina

Feast Day Mass at the National Centre

Dear Devotee of St. Pio,

We have some wonderful news to share with you!

As many of you know, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has not been celebrated here at the Centre since 2003.

We are very pleased and most excited to announce that on Sunday, September 23, 2018, we will be celebrating the Feast Day of St. Pio, as well as the 50th Anniversary of his Entrance into Heaven, with our first Mass in almost 15 years!

We welcome you to join us Sunday, September 23rd at Noon in the Padre Pio Spirituality Centre. Our main celebrant will be Fr. Wolfgang Seitz, ORC, Superior General of Opus Sanctorum Angelorum in Ohio. We could not be happier to have Fr. Seitz to celebrate!

Priests will also be hearing Confession throughout the day.

For those who cannot join us, Mass will be live streaming on our Facebook page. You can access the page by going to Facebook.com/PadrePioInc or by clicking the Facebook icon at the bottom of this email.

We would like to offer our sincere thanks to Bishop Alfred Schlert of the Diocese of Allentown for his efforts in helping this come to fruition. It promises to be a special and wonderful day for us all!

We hope to see you here!


Here at the “Home of Padre Pio in the USA” we are very excited and look forward with great anticipation to celebrating this special Anniversary Year of our beloved Padre Pio!  And, yes, having begun our work at the Centre nearly 50 years ago assisting and supporting the Postulation Office for the Beatification and Canonization of Padre Pio, we wholeheartedly acknowledge his Sainthood. 

But, to the members of the Calandra Family and the countless souls who have known Padre Pio and have come to love him over these many years, we most humbly admit that to us he will always be simply and yet profoundly -  “Padre Pio.”   Padre Pio! This name that comes to our lips in moments of great joy or extreme sorrow; in times of fear, hopelessness or despair and desperation; this name brings comfort and encouragement…why?

Because we trust in this humble Friar, given to us by God during our lifetime.   Padre Pio was a man of very few words, but when he spoke, he spoke with conviction. He spoke with a certainty, which was understood immediately by the intended, whether in the confessional, in a cherished letter, or a comment in passing.

A spiritual son of Padre Pio once commented in an impromptu manner, that he loved Padre Pio.  Padre Pio was truly touched by the man’s comment and gently replied to him, “You don’t love Padre Pio because of Padre Pio; you love Padre Pio because he will always lead you to Jesus through Mary!”  This was a statement of truth, which was more of a promise than a mere statement of fact.  To those of us, his spiritual children who may tend to lament a bit, he gave the gentle rebuke: “Jesus permits this spiritual combat, not as a punishment, but as purification!” and “My child!  Jesus is never without the Cross; but, the Cross is never without Jesus.”  To those of us who need encouragement: “Jesus will never abandon us…and will never forsake a soul that yearns to love Him.”

As if that we not enough, he imbues a deep and tender love of the Mother of God, Mary Most Holy, into each person who turns to him.  He taught us to “Love Mary and make Her loved!”, “Abandon yourself in the hands of Mary and She will take care of you!” and “Mary is the shortcut to God!”

Yes, simple and yet profound; that is our Padre Pio!

We were introduced to Padre Pio as were generations others through our mother, the late Vera M. Calandra, founder of the Centre.

This year is a milestone for the Calandra Family and for the Centre: it was on the First of September, 1968 that Mrs. Calandra first met Padre Pio in San Giovanni Rotondo.  She was the last of the American Spiritual Daughters called by Padre Pio before his death.  Most fortunately, Mrs. Calandra responded to Padre Pio’s invitation through an interior locution she received on the 19th of August that same year, which said “Bring your little girl to me here in Italy, but do not delay; come immediately The rest, as they say, is “history.”  The story is incredible, especially the “story behind the story”…

We hope that you will come to Barto to participate in some of the events we have scheduled in this very special anniversary year!  Stay tuned, and we will keep you posted via the website and our Facebook page.

Now purchase Padre Pio memorabilia online!

The National Centre for Padre Pio  now has a selection of Padre Pio memorabilia for sale online.  These are some of our more popular items and make wonderful gifts for friends and family.  Click here to view our online Padre Pio items for sale.

Welcome to our new website!

The National Centre for Padre Pio is pleased to announce the launch of our new website.  Besides the new aesthetics and photos, we've added a number of new features, such as our new Photo Gallery.  Additionally we have added the capability of submitting Intentions and donations online.  It is our goal to continually improve this site and your feedback is important in that process, so we encourage you to let us know how we can make your visit to both this website and our facilities more informative and memorable.

Your Privacy is Protected

Donors who support the good work being done in the name of Padre Pio here at his "Home in the USA" in Barto, PA, can be assured that your privacy is protected. It is not the policy of this Centre to share your information with any other organization, nor does the Centre solicit donor information from any other organization.

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