Devotion to Saint Michael the Archangel


The Archangel Michael is mentioned in the Holy bible, in the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament and in the Book of Revelation in the New Testament.

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Thus, devotion to the Holy Archangels goes back many Centuries. Roman Catholic tradition names three archangels: Michael, which means “Who is like God” (a rhetorical question), Gabriel means “Power of God” and Raphael means “Medicine of God” or “God has Healed”, all from the original Greek Language.

The Feast of these Angels is celebrated on September 29. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that: “The whole life of the Church benefits from the mysterious and powerful help of the Angels…from its beginning until death, human life is surrounded by their watchful care and intercession”.

In 1986, Pope Saint John Paul II, in his address “Angels Participate in the History of Salvation” emphasized the role of Archangels stating “the angels who participate in the life of the Trinity in the light of Glory are also called to play their part in the history of human salvation, in the moments established by Divine Providence”. (The Addresses on the Holy Angels by Pope Saint John Paul II given at St. Peter’s Rome, from July 9 to August 20, 1986 are available in their entirety in a booklet entitled “O Angel of God My Guardian Dear” exclusively through this Centre in Barto).

Apparitions of Saint Michael have been approved, in 8th Century France, where the Church of Mont Saint-Michel continues to be a great Catholic Pilgrimage site and in 6th Century Italy, on Mount Gargano, where stands the oldest Shrine in Western Europe, dedicated to Saint Michael.

It is here in this beautiful Sanctuary of Monte Sant’Angelo visited by many Saints over the Centuries, such as Saints Bridget of Sweden; Thomas Aquinas; Bernard of Clairvaux, Francis of Assisi, and more recently, Saints Pio of Pietrelcina and Pope John Paul II!

In 1917 Padre Pio made a pilgrimage with other townsfolk from San Giovanni Rotondo, to the Shrine of Saint Michael to pray in the Holy Grotto. On many occasions Padre Pio would send penitents to the Shrine to pray for the intercession and protection of Saint Michael for the salvation of their souls. He encouraged his spiritual children to have devotion to the Holy Archangel, because “you will need the help of Saint Michael living in this world!”

A beautiful and pious manner in which to honor Saint Michael and all of the nine choirs of Angels is by praying the Chaplet.

The Chaplet of Saint Michael was given to the world during a private revelation when Saint Michael appeared to a Portuguese Carmelite Nun, Servant of God, Sister Antonia d’Astonaco and was approved by Pope Pius IX, in 1851.

St. Michael promised the following benefits to those who would pray often, the nine special invocations to the nine Choirs of Angels, to honor him and to Glorify God: an Angel from each choir will accompany you as you approach Holy Communion; along with Saint Michael, continual assistance of all the Holy Angels during your lifetime; after death deliverance from Purgatory. These benefits and blessings are extended to your direct family.

The Chaplet of Saint Michael with instructions on how it is prayed, along with the prayer from Monte Sant’Angelo included, is always available here in the Centre’s Gift Shop when you visit. The Chaplet is beautifully made with crystal beads, the medal of Saint Michael has the Guardian Angel on the reverse and the center medal has Saint Pio on the front with Our Lady of Grace on the reverse. Or, if you prefer, just go to our shopping page and follow the instructions!

Saint Michael the Archangel, Guardian of the Catholic Faith, Champion of God’s people: Pray for us!



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