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Museum & Cultural Center

In the National Centre for Padre Pio’s Museum & Cultural Center, visitors can view the largest collection of authentic Padre Pio relics in the United States. From the gloves and bandages Padre Pio wore to cover the wounds of his stigmata, to bark from the tree under which he began to suffer Christ’s passion, our Museum & Cultural Center offers a comprehensive walk through the life of the beloved saint.

Bringing Padre Pio’s Story to Life

Padre Pio’s presence can be felt strongly throughout our Museum & Cultural Center, particularly in our detailed recreations of significant sites from Padre Pio’s life. These full-size replicas allow visitors to walk in Padre Pio’s footsteps throughout every stage of his life—from boyhood, to priesthood, to sainthood. Visitors can view Padre Pio’s:

  • Birthplace in Pietrelcina, Italy
  • Forgione Family Home
  • Friary Cell in Morcone, Italy
  • Tomb in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy

Visit the National Centre for Padre Pio’s Museum & Cultural Center to experience the life and work of Padre Pio firsthand.

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Padre Pio’s Story

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Padre Pio dedicated his life to loving God—on the Altar, in the Confessional, and in the community.

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